Summer 2012 

We traveled to Cuba at a family vacation. Our dream was to know more about the Cuban life. As we saw how poor the people in this country we decided to give them help. Many tourists from different countries bring  gifts to the Cuban people, specially to the Hotel workers. We wanted to help to the villagers, who are really poor. They work at farms not at the beautiful resorts where air conditioning and quality food are available for everyone.

We decided to approach the people in the nearby village called Melia. We ride by bicycle in a burning hot sunny day bringing gifts and toys for the kids. We brought bible messages, gifts and toys to the children and told them to show it to their parents.

 Giving is one of the best expression towards people showing our love. When you see children smiling makes your heart melted. 

There was a young boy 19 years of age ,he was paralyzed, sitting in an old wheelchair. When we approached him with a baseball hat and some pens and pencils I was overwhelmed.I felt sadness, but the good thing is the Word of God was given to him.

God put the desire in our heart about loving these people, and He also prepared the way sharing the ,,good news,, the gospel.


Summer 2013 

We has returned to our favorite country Cuba to the same little village Melia with full of excitement. In this year we prepared more gifts and toys and something else, we brought  the gospel of Christ in our heart. We were ready to tell the people about the grace of God.

On a beautiful hot day we have found a little Church in Melia. We have met the pastor and soon we became friends. He has invited us for the Sunday service. 

I remember we shared the gospel message about God's Grace. Oh how wonderful feeling was sharing  the love of God to them.

I would like to tell you a little bit about the message of grace.

Grace means God's unmerited favor towards people ,which is a gift from God. You don't have to work for it, you don't need to earn it or fight for it. No matter what is your colour ,nationality, age, you are rich or poor, good or bad, healthy or sick, man or woman or a child. God's grace is for every human being in the Earth without any discrimination. Faith is the key, but faith is Jesus Christ himself! When you accept Jesus Christ as your savoir you receive the new life in Jesus and you became a new creation. 2 Corinthians 5:17-21  Sin power is broken in your life. Sin doesn't have control over your life anymore. You are the boss over your life of course through Jesus! You are free and free indeed and your faith can able to move even mountains!

Pastor Edit

Pastor Edit Garces is an honest and humble man. It is a pleasure to know him as our good friend and brother in Christ. As he has told us a year later ,the message of grace changed his perspective deeply. His life was about to turn in a very different way at the time when we met him .God had prepared him a way out from the despair and he sent us there at the right time.

We are thankful to the Lord for his guidance and unconditional love. Since we have met Pastor Edit our friendship became deeper and stronger.

Pastor Edit's new ministry

Some very hard days and months past by and our friend  has continued his work. He told us ,, I can't cry anymore ,because I'm run out of tears, I'm keep doing the work of God"

He is often visiting  the local orphanages ,help the children , teaching  the Word of God. He is visiting prisoners and share the gospel news and celebrate their birthdays. Since he started his new ministry In the prison many has accepted Christ. Some of the people has started their bible studies weekly. He also visit families in the village, educate and help them to grow in faith and he teaches English for the young.

One day I was asking Edit " What would you tell people in the prison about God's love, who they are criminals, murderer and thief?

His answer was " I'm telling them they are loved by the Father no matter what they did, God loves them, He takes care of them and through his love and grace their life can be changed forever. God can save them and set them free even they are in prison.They do not have to do anything, just believe in Him! When you believe in Jesus you are a new creation, the old has  gone ,you are a new person ,your sin has forgiven by God the Father, you have been set free forever.  "

I thank you Lord for this man of God who carry your grace everywhere!