Our dear friends in Cuba

 You can be someone's miracle. One of the best feeling is to give and make people happy.  


When we started this ministry we didn't have any plan or vision but the love of God. Simply reach out and make friendships.We have  beautiful memories of our first trip. We went house to house sharing the gospel,giving presents to the children. Soccer balls, stuffed animals , barbies and any kinds of school items, pens and pencils, crayons etc. 

Children are very special in Cuba and the education and safety is very important.

We have met a Cuban family. Ever since we are a very close friends.

Soon after we met they became a believer of Jesus. God has a perfect plan in everyone's life we just need to follow it and the blessing comes.

New Creation Ministry were able to help this Cuban family. To build a house in Cuba is a very difficult project and it takes about 15-20 years or even more for some families. Some people would't be no chance to build their home.

 We are so excited to see the positive changes in our friend's life.Their house is about to finish soon.We would like to help more families in the future.